Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bridging the Gap

The past few days with TC have been spent relaxing here at home, on the Sandarosa. We've made great strides in bridging the gap between people and poultry!

I've learned a lot about her in this short time. Putting her into this painting of a Bridge Over a Pond by Claude Monet made quite an IMPRESSION on her! Monet is not her favorite painter, however. You can see where her true love in art and in men lies, today on:


  1. She's having way too much fun!! No maybe you're having way too much fun! But I do think about this Little Chicken project and smile all the time. This visiting with the Masters is a fun "take" on this project......She can't get too settled in though as there are many other anxious families out there awaiting her arrival!!

  2. After all the VIC treatment she's getting at Sandarosa I'm afraid our little chicken will be a full fledged spoiled diva by the time she gets to visit me in GA. I'm been busy making sure her accommodations will be up to her standards so she doesn't have a chickie fit when she arrives.

  3. If you do her portrait in full blown color, I recommend painting her from the front or side. She might be embarrassed by the girth of her derrière. I've also heard from experts that you should never paint the southbound train of a cow or horse, so chickens should apply.
    Hope we get to see the results someday!
    Loved you daily sketchbook. We should all aspire to that!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lynn. I really appreciate it. Here's TC's portrait in color -