Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not Her Type

My, that Traveling Chicken is a cute gal. She really made an impression of my little friend here.  He quickly offered her a Tsingtao beer, but she said she preferred the South of the Border type (from what I've read in more ways than just her beer selection.) They agreed to let me paint them together - acrylic on watercolor paper - while they chatted. I must say he got all wound up for her, but she was kind and let him down easy. So now she and her "troop" are nearly packed up and ready to fly off to Sandy Sandy in New Jersey. I do hope in the future she'll come back for a return visit. We could go to Malibu beach, Disneyland,  Hollywood, Beverly Hills......
Thanks to you all for the comments on my blog regarding our little friend here. And, Azra, if we all get to travel around a bit via her, then we have you to thank for sending her out bravely into the world. (She's only been smashed once, hopefully that'll be it!)
Cheers and God's Peace!
Karen Stitt


  1. Thanks Karen for a wonderful painting of that lucky chick! And, thanks to Azra for starting her on her journey and the rest of you chicks who have contributed to her travels. Looking forward to her visit with me soon.:)

  2. Love this painting, Karen! I think TC will like it here. We have the same tastes in beer. ☺

  3. Love the painting of the little chick with the beer Karen!! Very nice! I would love to paint the chick, I think a trip to Appleton, Wisconsin would be enjoyable to her! :)

    1. Hi Karen - I've added you to the "Waiting List!"