Saturday, June 27, 2015

"And They All Admired Her Spots"

Well, my visit with Ms. Chick went well for the most part.  We visited the Botanical Gardens and had a lovely day.  They next day we went to a local farm.  I thought she might enjoy meeting some new folks of her own kind, as she was feeling lonely after her travel companions left for Pennsylvania. But she experienced a strange reaction!  There was fowl play when the others all stood aside and exclaimed to each other "Look at those spots!"  "I wonder where she got them?"  "On Amazon do you think?".  Well, Ms. Chick felt as if she did not fit in, even though they were actually admiring her spots.  So we drove home, and she was pretty silent all the way.  But by the next morning, the day of her departure, she was back to her usual "sunny" self.   Safe journey, Miss Chick!

"And They All Admired her Spots!"

Acrylic by Gloria J Zucaro