Thursday, June 25, 2015

Traveling Chicken and Entourage Arrive in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

TC and entourage arrived safely in Downingtown, Pennsylvania!!  Thankfully, UPS alerted me by email that she had settled down in my mailbox, patiently waiting to be escorted to the house and studio.  I say thankfully because it was quite warm outside for a traveling chicken to be baking in the sun.  

Avery (our lab puppy) and I made the long trek down to the mailbox to greet TC and friends.  They were quite relieved to be able to get out of their hot traveling compartment and socialize, that they did not even mind the puppy antics and kisses that Avery "forced" on them.

After a long play session with Avery, the chickens were hot and tired, but were up to exploring the rest of the house/yard and studio.  Tc and the gang perked up when they were offered a chance to sit by the spa (watergarden) to rest for a bit.  Meeting Mr. Bluefish, who governs the spa was the highlight of TC's day, much to Senior Gallo Azure's dismay....he was quite jealous of the attention she showered on Mr. Bluefish.  

TC is tired from her travels, but assures me she is anxious to visit the studio tomorrow to have her portrait painted.....I promised her a chance to explore Downingtown with me afterward (we just moved here to Downingtown only a few weeks ago....a new house and new studio as well as a new town! TC and entourage are very enthusiastic to be the first to be invited into my studio, as well as to be in the first painting ever done in this brand new art studio!!) 

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  1. How fun! I know how jealous Senior Gallo Azure gets. Hope he is feeling better. I am sure they loved the attention from Avery!